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  • Take part in the 2020 IT Salary Survey October 14, 2019
    Whether you’re scouting out a new job or looking to fill a key IT role, access to salary data is an important tool. Help us help you by taking our 10-minute IT Salary Survey.
  • IDG Contributor Network: How to survey your developers about their tools October 14, 2019
    In any engineering organization, it’s important to balance investments in product development with those in tooling and other productivity enablers. It can be easy to slip into a mindset of focusing solely on new products and features, but the reality is that developer productivity, efficiency, and happiness also impact a business’s bottom line. But if […]
  • MongoDB vs. MySQL: How to choose October 14, 2019
    During the dot-com bubble in the 1990s, one common software stack for web applications was LAMP, which originally stood for Linux (OS), Apache (web server), MySQL (relational database), and PHP (server programming language). MySQL was the preferred database mostly because it was free open source and had good read performance, which fit well with “Web […]
  • How to use System.Threading.Channels in .Net Core October 14, 2019
    The System.Threading.Channels namespace contains types that you can use to implement a producer-consumer scenario, which speeds up processing by allowing producers and consumers to perform their tasks concurrently. This namespace contains a set of synchronization types that can be used for asynchronous data exchange between producers and consumers.To read this article in full, please click […]
  • Apple to reimplement Swift compiler driver in Swift October 11, 2019
    With the new swift-driver project, Apple is developing a new implementation of the Swift compiler driver. Written in Swift, the new Swift compiler driver is intended to replace the existing driver, which is written in C++, with a more extensible and maintainable code base.The new Swift compiler driver is still a work in progress, with […]
  • A2ML project automates AutoML October 11, 2019
    Automated machine learning tools vendor Auger.AI is developing a Python API and tools to multiple cloud-based AutoML services, allowing data scientists to train data sets against multiple AutoML models to yield the best-possible predictive model.Called A2ML, for Automate AutoML, the open source project consists of an API and command-line tools, which are currently in a beta stage. The […]
  • Cloud architecture that avoids risk and complexity October 11, 2019
    One of the truisms about cloud architecture is that there are typically 100x100 architecture solution patterns. They all work, but only one is the right solution. If your head is swimming, let me explain.Indeed, many technology stacks and approaches will solve the same problems using cloud-based technologies. They all work, but the majority will bring […]
  • Master data analytics and deep learning with this $35 Python certification bundle October 10, 2019
    Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn, but mastering it allows you to build apps and games or even take advantage of neural networks for deep learning. But first, you’ll need to learn the basics of Python, and this $34.99 bundle has exactly what you need to do so.The Complete Python Certification […]