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  • Where to find free and open data sets on the web September 30, 2020
    Bosses love to hear the word “free.” Everyone wants to get something for nothing. The good news is that there’s a burgeoning collection of free data available for the taking. Some of it might even be useful for your project or your career.What’s the catch? Sometimes there’s no catch at all. Many of the sources […]
  • How to run Cassandra and Kubernetes together September 30, 2020
    Containers have become increasingly popular for developers who want to deploy applications in the cloud. To manage these new applications, Kubernetes has become a de facto standard for container orchestration. Kubernetes enables developers to build distributed applications that automatically scale elastically, depending on demand.Kubernetes was developed to effortlessly deploy, scale, and manage stateless application workloads […]
  • Learn Python: 5 great Python courses for beginners and beyond September 30, 2020
    Python has a well-earned reputation for being easy to learn and easy to work with. But that doesn’t mean would-be Python programmers don’t need help getting started, or that experienced Python programmers couldn’t use some help extending their skills. And one of the best ways to gain new Python skills—basic or advanced—is a course that […]
  • Microsoft taps LLVM for quantum computing September 29, 2020
    Microsoft has introduced an intermediate representation for quantum programs, called QIR (Quantum Intermediate Representation), to serve as a common interface between programming languages for gate-based quantum computing and target quantum computation platforms.Introduced September 23 and based on the LLVM intermediate language, QIR specifies rules to represent quantum constructs in LLVM. No extensions or modifications to […]
  • 2 egregious cloud security threats the CSA missed September 29, 2020
    My interesting weekend reading was this Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) report, which was vendor sponsored, highlighting 11 cloud security threats that should be on top of everyone’s mind. These threats are described as “egregious.”CSA surveyed 241 experts on security issues in the cloud industry and came up with these top 11 threats: Data breaches Misconfiguration […]
  • Rapid UI development with Flutter for Windows September 29, 2020
    There’s a lot to be said for tools that make it easy to target multiple platforms from a single codebase, reducing the load on developers and increasing the reach of your applications. Microsoft’s Xamarin is an excellent example of this, extending .NET to iOS and Android. But what of the other direction, where an established […]
  • Ruby 3 previews parallel execution September 29, 2020
    Ruby 3.0.0, a planned upgrade to the long-established open source dynamic language, is now available as a preview. Highlights of the new version include parallel execution and type description capabilities.Parallel execution comes in the form of an experimental feature dubbed “Ractor,” which is an Actor-model-like concurrency abstraction intended to provide parallel execution without thread safety […]
  • Azure Databricks previews parallelized Photon query engine September 28, 2020
    Microsoft has unveiled a preview of a C++-based vectorized query engine for the Azure Databricks cloud analytics and AI service based on Apache Spark. Azure Databricks, which is delivered in partnership with Databricks, introduced the Photon-powered Delta Engine September 22.Written in C++ and compatible with Spark APIs, Photon is a vectorized query engine that leverages modern CPU […]