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  • Atlassian improves Jira roadmaps for better project tracking January 24, 2020
    Atlassian has updated the roadmap capability in Jira, the company’s cloud-based issue-tracking platform for software development projects. The new capabilities are centered on roadmap progress, dependency mapping, and integration with the Confluence collaborative workspace.Roadmaps give development team members a high-level snapshot of projects and connect development teams with project stakeholders. [ Also on InfoWorld: How to […]
  • Cloud AI is like nuclear power January 24, 2020
    In a recent speech, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai called for new regulations in the world of AI, with the obvious focus that AI has been commoditized by cloud computing. This is no surprise, now that we’re debating the ethical questions that surround the use of AI technology: most especially, how easily AI can […]
  • “Do More with R” video tutorials January 23, 2020
    ‘Do More with R’ offers quick video tips on useful things you can do in the R programming language. Now you can search these R tutorial videos by topics, tasks, and packages in the table below. (Click on the task to go straight to the video content—or in some cases, an article with a video). […]
  • How to search Twitter with rtweet and R January 23, 2020
    Twitter is a great source of news about R — especially during conferences like useR! and RStudio Conference. And thanks to R and the rtweet package, you can build your own tool to download tweets for easy searching, sorting, and filtering. Let’s take a look, step by step. First you want to install any of […]
  • How to improve CI/CD with shift-left testing January 23, 2020
    Testing applications used to be a technically challenging, time-crunched activity scheduled days or weeks before an application’s release. Development teams were given the leeway to code until the eleventh hour, and testers, who did much of their work manually, had little choice but to make do with the bit of time given to them. The […]
  • Can developers dictate how their software is used? January 22, 2020
    The politics of the Silicon Valley are colliding with customers and impacting innocent bystanders who put their trust in open source software.
  • How to keep bias out of your AI models January 22, 2020
    Bias in artificial intelligence (AI) is hugely controversial these days. From image classifiers that label people’s faces improperly to hiring bots that discriminate against women when screening candidates for a job, AI seems to inherit the worst of human practices when trying to automatically replicate them.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • 2 cloud and AI myths you shouldn’t believe January 22, 2020
    In tech circles, we have two primary faults: We’re overly eager to usher in the future and ironically too quick to disregard it when it doesn’t come as fast as we projected. Take, for example, two persistent myths making the rounds today: First, that cloud spend is sending data center spending off a cliff and, […]