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  • Why developers should use Apache Pulsar June 17, 2021
    If you are building applications today, you are probably familiar with the microservices model: Rather than building big monolithic applications, we break services down into isolated components that we can independently update or change over time. Microservices deployments then can use a message bus to decouple and manage the communication between services, which makes it […]
  • Get started with Anaconda Python June 16, 2021
    No question about it, Python is a crucial part of modern data science. Convenient and powerful, Python connects data scientists and developers with a whole galaxy of tools and functionality, in convenient and programmatic ways.Still, those tools sometimes come with a little—or a lot—of assembly required. Because Python is a general-purpose programming language, how it’s […]
  • What is Azure Confidential Ledger? June 16, 2021
    We live in a world where more and more of our personal information is held online. It’s often a single source of truth about us, the place where health information and financial records are stored and managed, used to make decisions about what we can and can’t do. Critical business records are stored online, finally […]
  • How to use Razor View Engine in ASP.NET Core MVC June 16, 2021
    The ASPX View Engine is the legacy view engine built into ASP.NET MVC from its initial days. The Razor View Engine is more advanced and is now the default view engine of ASP.NET Core MVC. This article compares these two view engines in brief and then discusses how you can work with the Razor View […]
  • Deal with supply chain issues using cloud computing June 15, 2021
    Something you need out of stock? From bicycle parts to a single chip needed to complete a new car or truck, supply chain disruptions are killing many businesses—as well as impacting the consumers who use those businesses.In 2020, the retail sector experienced drastic global inventory distortion due to the pandemic. The estimated value for out-of-stock […]
  • Why you need a data integration platform June 15, 2021
    Data doesn’t sit in one database, file system, data lake, or repository. Data created in a system of record must serve multiple business needs, integrate with other data sources, and then be used for analytics, customer-facing applications, or internal workflows. Examples include: Data from an e-commerce application is integrated with user analytics, customer data in […]
  • Excel, Python, and the future of data science June 14, 2021
    The world of data science is awash in open source: PyTorch, TensorFlow, Python, R, and much more. But the most widely used tool in data science isn’t open source, and it’s usually not even considered a data science tool at all.It’s Excel, and it’s running on your laptop. [ Also on InfoWorld: A brief history […]
  • From legacy to the cloud: The 3 stages of enterprise modernization June 14, 2021
    Before the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises were at various stages of their cloud strategies, whether that meant finally moving their email server to the cloud, switching to Microsoft 365, or even aggressively exiting their own data centers and going fully cloud-native. Tech Spotlight: Cloud Computing Cloud or bust: IT leaders go all in on cloud computing […]