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  • BrandPost: Using Deep Java Library to do Machine Learning on SpringBoot November 24, 2020
    Many AWS customers—startups and large enterprises—are on a path to adopt machine learning and deep learning in their existing applications. The reasons for machine learning adoption are dictated by the pace of innovation in the industry, with business use cases ranging from customer service (including object detection from images and video streams, sentiment analysis) to […]
  • On-premises data warehouses are dead November 24, 2020
    Global Market Insights estimates that cloud providers will host the majority of data warehousing loads by 2025. But don’t take their word for it. Gartner estimates that 30 percent of data warehousing workloads now run in the cloud and that this will grow to two-thirds by 2024. Just a few years ago in 2016 the figure […]
  • What to expect from AWS re:Invent 2020 November 24, 2020
    Cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) has its biggest event of the year next week, with AWS re:Invent running online-only and free of charge for the first time, starting November 30 and closing December 18.This year the event will not be spread across various hotels on the Las Vegas strip, but rather across a […]
  • Getting started with WebView 2 November 24, 2020
    Microsoft’s move to a new set of Windows controls as part of the WinUI 3 libraries is one sign of its rethinking how the Windows SDKs are developed and delivered. At heart it’s a decoupling of controls from APIs, a new method for both how they’re shipped and how you can package them with your […]
  • TypeScript 4.1 arrives with template literal types November 23, 2020
    TypeScript 4.1, an upgrade to Microsoft’s popular open source language that adds types to JavaScript, is now available as a production release. The upgrade features template literal types and a multitude of other improvements.The template literal type has the same syntax as template literal strings in JavaScript except it is used in type positions. When […]
  • JDK 16: The new features in Java 16 November 23, 2020
    Java Development Kit (JDK) 16 has added two more proposed new features including strong encapsulation of JDK internals and a foreign linker API. Previously proposed features include a foreign-memory access API, pattern matching, a production-ready package tool, concurrent thread-stack processing for garbage collection, support for C++ 14 language features, and an “elastic metaspace” capability to […]
  • The 3 keys to scaling enterprise devops use November 23, 2020
    The most mature organizations in their devops journeys rely on self-service internal platforms, automated change management processes, and integrated security, according to the 2020 State of Devops report by Puppet and CircleCI.The report surveyed more than 2,400 technical professionals around the world about their continued adoption of devops and agile practices, with three key themes […]
  • Tech Resume Library: 21 downloadable templates for IT pros November 23, 2020
    A well-crafted resume will attract recruiters, HR pros and hiring managers, but getting it just right is a daunting task. To jump start the process, Insider Pro has assembled this collection of real resumes revamped by professional resume writers. (Watch this space for new templates.)