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  • Airtable becomes latest company to announce layoffs, cutting 20% of its workforce December 9, 2022
    In an email sent to employees, the low-code platform’s CEO said the cuts were a result of “taking a hard look at our efforts in the current market environment.”
  • GitHub Copilot for Business plans unveiled December 9, 2022
    GitHub has unveiled business usage terms for its GitHub Copilot AI-based coding assistant, making the service available to businesses for $19 per month per user. The company also vowed to keep users’ own code safe from retention, storage, or sharing by GitHub.GitHub Copilot for Business gives organizations license management, organization-wide policy controls, and privacy features […]
  • JDK 20: The new features in Java 20 December 9, 2022
    Java 20, or Java Development Kit (JDK) 20, the next planned version of standard Java, is now feature complete. The six features officially marked for the release are either in an incubation or in a preview stage. These include scoped values, record patterns, pattern matching for switch statements and expressions, a foreign function and memory […]
  • Who is invited to your cloud strategy party? December 9, 2022
    We’ve all worked for companies where core IT decisions are made by a few leaders in the organization. Maybe you’re working for a company like this now. In exit interviews, many people cite this as the core reason for leaving—not pay or the working environment. People feel they have little or no say in the […]
  • Why Python is catching on with business analysts December 8, 2022
    With data more critical than ever to companies’ success, Python is spreading beyond the realm of data professionals and being adopted by business analysts and other less technical users. But what are the opportunities if you’re relatively new to Python and what best practices should you be aware of to ensure your success?Data professionals are […]
  • How to use BufferedStream and MemoryStream in C# December 8, 2022
    A stream is an abstraction over a sequence of bytes. You can think of it as a continuous buffer that can be read or written to. Streams are often used in conjunction with buffers to help load data into memory more efficiently. The System.IO namespace in .NET has many classes that work with streams, such […]
  • Intro to Alpine.js: A JavaScript framework for minimalists December 8, 2022
    The innovation in front-end JavaScript frameworks is one of the great techno-cultural phenomena of our time. For over 20 years now, we have witnessed a long tail of evolutionary creativity unfold. Each new idea goes into the communal pot, stirring up improvements in both the process of developing software and the end products that developers build.One of […]
  • GitHub bolsters NPM access control December 7, 2022
    Looking to improve the safety and security of NPM JavaScript packages, GitHub is adding granular access tokens to enable fine-grained permissions for NPM accounts, and making its NPM code explorer capability free to users.GitHub on December 6 explained that stolen credentials are a main cause of data breaches. To help NPM maintainers better manage their […]