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  • How to get RStudio Conference 2020 workshop materials free online February 14, 2020
    Even if you attended RStudio’s pre-conference two-day training last month, you could only attend one workshop—and there were more than half a dozen. Now, though, many materials including slides and R code are available free online. Here’s how to get them.Most of the code and slides have been posted on GitHub. If you don’t have git […]
  • GitHub CLI brings GitHub to the command line February 14, 2020
    GitHub has launched GitHub CLI, a new command-line interface that promises a more-seamless way to work with the code hosting platform. GitHub CLI is available immediately in a beta version.  [ Also on InfoWorld: 27 essential tips for Git and GitHub users ] Installable on Windows, Linux, and macOS, GitHub CLI can be used to […]
  • Can you put your trust in AIops? February 14, 2020
    AIops (artificial intelligence for IT operations) is one of those cool buzzwords that is actually part of another buzzword: cloudops (cloud operations), which is a part of the mother of all buzzwords: cloud computing.The concept of AIops and the tool category of AIops are really the maturation of operational tools in general. Most of those […]
  • Oracle v. Google Java copyright battle enters final round February 13, 2020
    Oracle’s nearly decade-old lawsuit against Google over Google’s use of Java is now before the U.S. Supreme Court. Oracle argues in a brief filed with the court that Google violated Oracle’s intellectual property rights by using Java APIs in Google’s Android operating system.Although Google implemented its own version of Java for Android, it used the […]
  • Train to become a skilled AWS expert for less than $50 February 13, 2020
    The popularity of Amazon’s cloud computing platform continues to grow. That means that opportunities for IT professionals in this sector are likely to be plentiful, but only those with the proper skills will be considered for jobs. So, if you're trying to climb above the competition, you'd be remiss to look over the AWS Solutions […]
  • What’s next for serverless architecture? February 13, 2020
    Serverless services are everywhere. The driving force behind an evolution towards a new way of programming, serverless offerings come in all forms and shapes including application hosting platforms, serverless databases, CDNs, security offerings, etc.Low-level configuration, scaling, and provisioning concerns have been taken away by serverless offerings, leaving distribution as the last remaining concern. Here edge […]
  • A brief history of artificial intelligence February 13, 2020
    In the early days of artificial intelligence, computer scientists attempted to recreate aspects of the human mind in the computer. This is the type of intelligence that is the stuff of science fiction—machines that think, more or less, like us. This type of intelligence is called, unsurprisingly, intelligibility. A computer with intelligibility can be used […]
  • Angular 10 will emphasize Ivy artifacts, polishing February 12, 2020
    With Angular 9 now available, the Google development team behind the TypeScript-based web development framework anticipate that the next release, Angular 10, will focus on Ivy artifacts. [ Don’t miss InfoWorld’s 2020 Technology of the Year Award winners: The best software development, cloud computing, data analytics, and machine learning products of the year ] The Ivy […]