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  • Open source skills only got hotter during the pandemic September 22, 2021
    A massive 92% of hiring managers reported difficulty finding and retaining enough open source talent this year, as competition for these skills gets fiercer. That’s according to the latest Open Source Jobs Report by the Linux Foundation and edX, which surveyed 200 technical hiring managers and 750 open source professionals worldwide over the summer.As the report […]
  • Get started with Go testing September 22, 2021
    Modern programming languages include native tools for building and running unit tests on code bases. The Go language has its own such toolset, in the form of the testing module and the go test command.In this article we’ll cover the basics of writing unit tests using Go, and deploying those tests side-by-side along with the […]
  • How to choose the right data visualization tools for your apps September 22, 2021
    If you develop applications that share data with users, you’re likely to have requirements to present a graph, chart, dashboard, or other data visualization embedded in the application. This capability helps users better understand the data and discover insights, and it improves the user experience. When people see well-designed data visualizations, they use the application […]
  • Working with Azure Managed Instance for Cassandra September 22, 2021
    Building cloud-native applications at scale requires choosing your stack carefully. One popular tool is Apache’s Cassandra project, a NoSQL database designed to scale rapidly without affecting application performance. It’s an ideal platform for working with big data, with built-in map-reduce tools based on Hadoop, as well as its own query language. Originally developed at Facebook, […]
  • Oracle v. Google: What the verdict means for open source September 21, 2021
    The decade-long legal battle between two of the world’s largest tech companies has finally come to an end. The result was a victory for the open-source software community.In case you need a refresher on the Oracle v. Google case, Oracle sued Google in 2010 for copyright infringement on Google’s use of Oracle’s Java API in […]
  • What's the real value of multicloud redundancy? September 21, 2021
    I’ve been hearing the arguments about the use of multicloud: best-of-breed cloud services, cost performance optimization, and, of course, redundancy by leveraging more than a single cloud provider brand.Businesses are using one cloud as a primary and a second cloud as a hot standby. Most are assuming that there will be a major outage or […]
  • Ruby on Rails 7 overhauls JavaScript support September 21, 2021
    Ruby on Rails 7, a planned upgrade to the 17-year-old web application framework, has moved to an alpha stage, with a new mechanism for writing JavaScript in Rails.Moving past the Webpacker tool for bundling JavaScript, which Ruby on Rails has used for the past five years, Rails 7 takes a no-Node approach, without having to […]
  • What to expect in Java 18 September 20, 2021
    Java 18 is still six months away but is already taking shape, with four feature proposals anticipated for it so far, the latest being a third incubation of the vector API.The OpenJDK page for Java Development Kit (JDK) 18 lists the vector API, code snippets, and the UTF-8 charset as proposed to target JDK 18, […]