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  • MIT startup DataCebo offers tool to evaluate synthetic data September 29, 2022
    MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) spin-off DataCebo is offering a new tool, dubbed Synthetic Data (SD) Metrics, to help enterprises compare the quality of machine-generated synthetic data by pitching it against real data sets.The application, which is an open-source Python library for evaluating model-agnostic tabular synthetic data, defines metrics for statistics, efficiency […]
  • Why developers hold the key to cloud security September 29, 2022
    In the days of the on-premises data center and early cloud adoption, the roles of application developers, infrastructure operations, and security were largely siloed. In the cloud, this division of labor increases the time-to-market for innovation, reduces productivity, and invites unnecessary risk.In a data center environment, developers build software applications, IT teams build the infrastructure […]
  • Where JavaScript is headed in 2022 September 29, 2022
    Since 2016 the State of JavaScript survey has undertaken the monumental task of querying the JS multitudes about the multifarious frameworks, techniques, and features that they use to build applications. The latest incarnation of this Herculean effort occurred in the spring of 2022, and the results are now available. These results offer a gold mine […]
  • Should C/C++ be deprecated in favor of Rust? September 29, 2022
    Is it time to retire the legacy C and C++ programming languages, and turn to the high-flying Rust language instead? A prominent Microsoft official believes so.In a tweet on September 19, Mark Russinovich, CTO of Microsoft Azure, suggested that the day has come to move to Rust for new development not involving garbage collection languages. […]
  • Cryptojacking, DDoS attacks increase in container-based cloud systems September 28, 2022
    Victims lose $53 for every $1 cryptojackers gain, according to a new report from Sysdig.
  • Why the C programming language still rules September 28, 2022
    The C programming language has been alive and kicking since 1972, and it still reigns as one of the fundamental building blocks of our software-studded world. But what about the dozens of of newer languages that have emerged over the last few decades? Some were explicitly designed to challenge C’s dominance, while others chip away […]
  • GitHub for English teachers September 28, 2022
    In “GitHub for the rest of us” I argued that GitHub’s superpowers could serve everyone, not just coders. Ever since then (2015) I’ve felt that I overstated the case. GitHub was, and remains, a tool that is deeply optimized for programmers who create and review versioned source code. Other uses are possible but awkward, and […]
  • Microsoft .NET 7 bolsters WebAssembly support September 28, 2022
    Microsoft’s .NET 7 software development platform, due as a production release in November, improves support for running .NET on WebAssembly in JavaScript-based apps.Developers can use the expanded WebAssembly support in .NET 7 to reuse .NET libraries from JavaScript or build new .NET-based apps. Featured as part of Microsoft’s effort is a rich JavaScript interop mechanism, […]