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  • What’s new in Rust 1.37 August 21, 2019
    The Rust language’s unique approach results in better code with fewer compromises than C, C++, Go, and the other languages you probably use. It also gets updated regularly, often every month.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • Automated machine learning or AutoML explained August 21, 2019
    The two biggest barriers to the use of machine learning (both classical machine learning and deep learning) are skills and computing resources. You can solve the second problem by throwing money at it, either for the purchase of accelerated hardware (such as computers with high-end GPUs) or for the rental of compute resources in the […]
  • TypeScript 3.6 brings stricter checking to iterators and generators August 20, 2019
    A release candidate is now available of Microsoft’s typed superset of JavaScript, TypeScript 3.6. It brings stricter checking of iterators and generators and an improved user experience around promises. The production release is due in late August 2019.TypeScript 3.6 has stricter checking for generators and iterator functions, Previously, users of generators could not differentiate whether […]
  • How to stop people from causing bad cloud architectures August 20, 2019
    I’ve been in some knock-down, drag-out battles over both the configuration and the use of technology. On one side, you have somebody with a very different opinion as to what technology should be used and how. On the other side, you know that you are right.These days the battles are about which cloud provider to […]
  • Get started with Linux containers in Docker on WSL2 August 20, 2019
    When Microsoft launched its Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) back in 2018, it was very clear why: It wanted to provide tools for developers building modern cloud applications. Microsoft needed a way to offer container development, with an eye on Azure-hosted distributed applications running on its Azure Kubernetes Service.To read this article in full, please […]
  • Microsoft buys jClarity to boost Java on Azure August 19, 2019
    With its acquisition of Java support services company jClarity, Microsoft is making a play to optimize Java workloads on its Azure cloud platform.Microsoft calls jClarity the leading contributor to the AdoptOpenJDK project, which provides free, open source OpenJDK binaries. Microsoft has been a sponsor of AdoptOpenJDK, which has provided binaries for both Windows and Linux.[ […]
  • What’s new in Angular: Angular 8.2 is here August 19, 2019
    Angular 8.2 is now available as a production release of the JavaScript framework. The upgrade improves compiler performance and the Bazel build tool.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • VMware Cloud on AWS? These customers are all in August 19, 2019
    When does it make sense to move applications and data to the public cloud? What exactly should be moved? What are the potential and actual cost benefits?To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)