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  • BrandPost: Analytics: The Cornerstone of a Resilient Supply Chain June 1, 2020
  • 13 ways Microsoft Azure beats AWS June 1, 2020
    Amazon Web Services may dominate with a vast collection of products and options, but it’s far from the only game in the cloud. Microsoft, a company once known for its domination of personal computing, has slowly and steadily built its Azure cloud into a formidable competitor.The number of database, storage, compute, analytics, and devops services […]
  • How to handle 404 errors in ASP.NET Core MVC June 1, 2020
    ASP.NET Core MVC is the .NET Core counterpart of the ASP.NET MVC framework for building cross-platform, scalable, high-performance web applications and APIs using the Model-View-Controller design pattern. Surprisingly, although ASP.NET Core provides plenty of options for handling 404 errors gracefully, the ASP.NET Core MVC runtime doesn’t take advantage of them by default.As a result, when […]
  • How GraphQL turned web development on its head June 1, 2020
    Web giants like Facebook and Google are setting a torrid pace to make life better for front-end developers. By creating new technologies like React, supported by frameworks like ​Vercel’s Next.js​ and Netlify, these companies free developers to focus on the logic of their new applications and services while abstracting away the back-end issues that have […]
  • 3 cloud security mistakes you’re likely making without knowing May 29, 2020
    Those hastily moving to post-pandemic cloud-based platforms are likely to make some major security mistakes, depending on how fast they are moving. Why? This is new to most of them, there are few known best practices for cloud security, and humans get overwhelmed with the tasks of securely moving to the cloud quickly.I’ve put together […]
  • Microsoft’s Project Tye aims to tame microservices development May 28, 2020
    Finding it tough to work with microservices? With Project Tye, Microsoft is offering an experimental developer tool intended to make it easier to build, test, and deploy microservices and distributed applications.Microsoft believes Project Tye, a .NET Foundation project introduced May 21, will ease common pain points developers encounter when building applications that talk to a […]
  • Career roadmap: Cloud engineer May 28, 2020
    The shift to the cloud has been so pervasive that it has left a lot of companies with a skills gap they are struggling to fill with professionals who have cloud experience. That makes it a great time to be a cloud engineer.
  • Quantum AI is still years from enterprise prime time May 28, 2020
    Quantum computing’s potential to revolutionize AI depends on growth of a developer ecosystem in which suitable tools, skills, and platforms are in abundance. To be considered ready for enterprise production deployment, the quantum AI industry would have to, at the very least, reach the following key milestones: Find a compelling application for which quantum computing […]