• Nature Favors the Prepared
  • Protect your data. Improve your methods.



At Le3, our business is helping your business succeed. Whether you need help with information technology planning, need deskside support or need to change up your IT management to higher-level executive action, we’ve got the services you need to make your business secure and prosperous.  Our focus are on the following four qualities of your computer system.

Data Integrity

So you look for A but it’s not there, you found nothing or B instead.  Worse, you can not tell if B wasn’t A and use B in your processes or present it to your clients.  That could be a deal breaker or, worse, setting the stage for data corruption or even disasters.  Thus, to protect yourself, you need to insure that A is A and you do this with better procedures, checks and balances, monitoring, and scientific methods.

Data Availability

When you need your data it’s there – and everywhere else you and your clients may need it.  Computer hardware periodically break, hackers can break-in, and networks gets degraded or overloaded.  These mean rigorous, methodical, regular backups, perimeter and internal protections.  It also means that your network, computers, software, configurations, data protection, must be functional and can match demands.

Data Condidentiality

Are the audience to your files limited to those you intended?  Who else can see, access, or have your files?  Is your data secure from prying eyes during transportation on thumb drives, portable disks, during network transmissions, or while simply sit in the computers at your company? Can anyone open your files without a password or other biometrics?  These are the questions answered by physical access prevention means and encryptions.

Regulations Compliance

If you deal with the government or their contracts, they may want things done their ways which can be very well defined, specific, and detailed.  You may need to read bounds of documents and easily bury yourself with technicalities that you may not even comprehend.  Sure, your are capable of learning and can certainly implement things to meet those requirements – if only you can trade your time doing business with becoming a lifelong computer tech.